Business trip March 2015

Ing. Matej Oravec attended a business trip in CERN.

Part of the work consisted of creating a driver for the cooling device Hubert MiniChiller H1 plus and its connection with WINCC OA. The cooling device is connected to the PC via the RS232 serial interface. The device driver is implemented in C++ programming language (under OS Windows) and contains programmed communication with the device (writing data to the serial port and their encoding/decoding into a form understandable for the connected cooling device). The driver has also implemented DIM server functionality and sends data from the device to the visualization in WINCC. The visualization contains functions for controlling the cooling device from the PC.

The next part of the work consisted of creating communication between the card being developed, called the Readout Board (RB) and the WINCC OA tool. Communication was realized in C/C++ language (under OS SLC 6) with implemented DIM server functionality. The card is still in development and its functionality is still limited.