Visit of the ALICE project team from CERN at TUKE – April 2013

Members of the ALICE project team from CERN visited the Technical University of Košice (at the invitation of doc. Jadlovský) on April 13 – 15, 2013.

The ALICE project team was represented by:
André Augustinus, (Belgium)
Pierre Vande Vyvre, (France)
Karel Šafařík, (Slovakia)
Peter Chochula, (Slovakia)

Schedule of the visit:
10th April 2013: Consultations of the research team of doc. Jadlovský with doc. Ing. Peter Chochula, CSc.
11th April 2013: Prof. Sinčák and Heads of Centers presented the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence to the ALICE team.
11th April 2013: Block of four lectures about CERN, ALICE project and their work on the experiment.
12th April 2013: Research team of doc. Jadlovský presents Amanda Server 3 solution to the ALICE project team and its possibilities for further improvement.
The dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics – prof. Ing. Liberios Vokorokos, PhD negotiated with the ALICE project team at a business lunch.

The rector of the TUKE Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Anton Cizmar, CSc was dedicated to the ALICE project teem during the work meeting.