The Experiment ALICE at LHC in CERN: Study of strongly interacting matter in extreme conditions – March 2016

Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic signed on 3rd March 2016 the Contract on Provision of Funds for Co-financing of Research and Development Project ALICE CERN at FEEI TU in Košice for the period from 2016 to 2020.
Guarantor of cooperation between FEEI, TU in Košice and CERN is doc. Ing. Ján Jadlovský, CSc. (Team Leader for TU, Košice).

Project character: Elementary research

Field of research and development : Nuclear and subnuclear physics

Responsible coordinator for FEEI-TU: doc. Ing. Jadlovský Ján, CSc.

Project research is focused on three fields:

  • the control of the pixel detector
  • development of the HIC (Hybrid Integrated Circuit) designed for acquisition and processing signals from ALICE detectors
  • development of program modules for the control communication architecture DCS

Contract no. 0222/2016 on the provision of funds for the co-financing of the research and development project ALICE CERN:

Project solvers at DCAI FEEI TU in Košice:


PhD students:


  •     Bc. Tkáčik Tomáš
  •     Bc. Pavol Tomko

Due to the compatibility of the DCS of DCAI FEEI TUKE and the DCS of the ALICE experiment, the mode workplace is created, that allows the development of basic network infrastructure designed for the ALICE Inner Tracking System. The model workplace includes the basic hardware and software tools used in the CERN ALICE experiment using CERN’s licenses under the signed ALICE Collaboration Memorandum. Individual parts of this infrastructure (hardware and software) will be continuously updated in accordance with the ALICE ITS development process.

Laboratory of ALICE experiment at LHC in CERN (upgrade of ITS within the DCS) (Vysokoškolská 4, V142b)

Co-solvers of the project: